Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weclome to the Butterfree Effect

No, this blog isn't about the Pokemon Butterfree or Pokemon in general and also it's not about recipes that are butter free or a butter free diet.  What is this blog about then?  It's about my life and my dealings of not having a thyroid.  The butterfree (butterfly) name of my blog comes from how they claim the thyroid looks like a butterfly and since the removal of the gland can have a huge effect on one's life... well you know, the butterfly effect?  Since the url name for ButterflyEffect was taken among others, I figured I play with the name and go with Butterfree since I'm free of the gland since it was removed on October 3rd, 2012.  Also that and I grew up on "Pokemans" and other anime shows.

To start off I'm only 27 years old... I know, young, right?  Too young to have cancer in most people's opinions, but it does happen.  And this is something I clearly learned on September 17th, 2012 when I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and scheduled for Total Thyroidectomy (the removal of the whole gland).  Remember the episode of Ash letting his Butterfree go, so it can mate with the Pink Butterfree.  Ash knew it was for the best for his Butterfree, but it was still painful, upsetting, and sad to let his friend go.  Well, that's how I felt about my thyroid.  I knew it was best for me and my body to let go of my thyroid (and well for my thyroid too), but it was still painful and upsetting for me.  Though sadly for Ash he can't replace his treasured friend and first caught Pokemon as Caterpie, but I can replace my thyroid with a pill.

This blog will be about me dealing with cancer while still trying to function with a normal life... like going to college, work, my family and friends, love life, and, of course, my doctor's appointments.  I will also talk about the beginning, how I first noticed a problem and also possible warning signs that I missed.  What I have learned about this cancer and issues I will properly have to deal with now and in the future.

This blog may bore some people, but it might also help people in their dealings of the cancer and know they are not alone with the pain, anger, and frustration of this disease.  It might also help people notice they might need to go check theirs out, it doesn't hurt to check something like this as it's just a blood test.

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